Engine numbers

Want to lookup your engine number? Check our engine number list, the number #1 online resource for engine numbers.

On enginenumbers.com you will find a constantly updated list with engine numbers / codes. Which engine is used for which brands and which models? You can lookup what you need on enginenumbers.com.

Engine numbers by brand

Click on a brand to see the available engine codes:

Car brand Engine numbers
Alfa Romeo 953
Audi 2.575
BMW 2.284
Cadillac 96
Chevrolet 248
Chrysler 160
Citroën 1.188
Dacia 98
Daewoo 141
Daihatsu 142
Dodge 28
Fiat 1.030
Ford 3.414
Honda 394
Hyundai 497
Isuzu 36
Jaguar 272
Jeep 360
Kia 282
Lada 167
Lancia 559
Land Rover 512
Lexus 165
Mazda 961
Mercedes-Benz 2.697
Mini 584
Mitsubishi 702
Nissan 788
Opel 2.949
Peugeot 1.697
Porsche 672
Renault 2.406
Rover 255
Saab 276
Seat 1.073
Skoda 940
Smart 86
SsangYong 99
Subaru 276
Suzuki 377
Talbot 106
Toyota 834
Volkswagen 3.152
Volvo 973

What is an engine number?

An engine number is used to identify the engine of a vehicle. Not every car has a unique engine because they are interchanged by manufacturers, so the same engines are often used in multiple car models. By means of an engine code garages, suppliers and dismantling companies know for which engine they should arrange replacement or parts.

Where do I find an engine number?

The engine code can usually be easily found on the engine block or on the distributor cap. Sometimes this identification plate is covered with dirt, but in most cases the code is easy to find.

What can I use the engine number for?

If your engine needs a new part, an overhaul or replacement, you can pass on the engine number to the supplier so that they can make a quotation for you. Just to be sure, also provide the chassis number so that an extra check can take place for the correct engine number.

What if I can't find the engine code?

In many cases there are code books / databases available where the correct engine code can be found based on make, model, version and year of manufacture. Enginenumbers.com is such a database. It is expanded daily with additional information on engine codes. Through this website you can also easily request a price for the overhaul or replacement of your engine.

Is an engine code the same in every country?

An engine code is basically the same in every country, because that is the purpose of an engine code. If the same car model has really different engines, then the engine code is also different. But in that case, the engine specifications are also really different.