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What is the AJ-V6 engine?

The AJ-V6 engine is used by Jaguar uses at least the S-Type, X-Type en XJ. From the data we have collected so far regarding the AJ-V6, it appears that this engine has been used by Jaguar in cars from 1999 to 2009.


How much power does the AJ-V6 have?

The power output of the AJ-V6 ranges from 169 to 175 kw depending on the year of manufacture, any turbochargers and the model version. The displacement of the AJ-V6 is 2.967 cc.

Which car models make use of the AJ-V6 engine?

At this time, our records show that the AJ-V6 was used in the cars listed below:

Car brand Model Model years
Jaguar S-Type 3.0 V6 1999-2007
Jaguar S-Type 3.0 V6 2004-2007
Jaguar X-Type 3.0 V6 2001-2008
Jaguar X-Type 3.0 V6 2007-2009
Jaguar X-Type Estate 3.0 V6 2004-2008
Jaguar X-Type Estate 3.0 V6 2007-2009
Jaguar XJ 6 3.0 2003-2007
Jaguar XJ 6 3.0 2005-2009

Where can I learn more about the AJ-V6?

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