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What is the 230 A3.000 engine?

The 230 A3.000 engine is used by Fiat. From the data we have collected so far regarding the 230 A3.000, it appears that this engine has been used by Fiat in cars from 1994 to 1998.

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How much power does the 230 A3.000 have?

The power output of the 230 A3.000 is 60kW. The displacement of the 230 A3.000 is 1.929 cc.

Which car models make use of the 230 A3.000 engine?

At this time, our records show that the 230 A3.000 was used in the cars listed below:

Car brand Model Model years
Fiat Ducato 1.9 D 1995-1998
Fiat Ducato Combin. II 1.9 TD 1994-1998
Fiat Ducato Combin. II 1.9 TD Panorama 1995-1998

Where can I learn more about the 230 A3.000?

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