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If you're a owner, you know that engine numbers are important. They can help you identify the model of your car and its specific engine type. That's why we've compiled a list of 7 engine codes for models, organized by fuel type. This way, you can easily look up your engine number to find out more about your car. We've gathered this information manually, so there may be some errors. However, we've attempted to be as accurate as possible. Be sure to verify the engine number by cross checking with other lookup services. With this list, you'll have all the information you need to understand your car better.

What is the oldest engine number of ?

The oldest engine number in our dataset is the 128 A.000. This classic benzine engine is used in the 1100 1.1 from 1971. This engine has a power output of 50 hp (37 kW) with a displacement of 1.108 cc.

What is the newest engine number?

The most recent addition to our dataset is the 11 E 1.064. This modern benzine engine is used in the Yugo 60 1.1 from 1989. This engine has a power output of 60 hp (44 kW) with a displacement of 1.116 cc.

What is the most powerful motor?

The most powerful engine we know of is the 13 E.3.064. This powerful engine has a power output of 68 hp (50 kW) with a displacement of 1.302 cc. This benzine power unit is used in the Yugo Florida 1.3 from 1989.

Who does share engines with?

Like almost all car brands, does not have unique engines. For example, already shared engines with Fiat.

Engine numbers for diesel engines

Engine number Models

Engine numbers for gasoline engines

Engine number Models
100 GL. 0.64
  • Yugo 60 1.1
11 E 1.064
  • Yugo 60 1.1
128 A.000
  • 1100 1.1
128 A.064
  • 1100 1.1
128 AC5.000
  • 1100 S 1.1
13 E 1.064
  • Yugo 65 1.3
13 E.3.064
  • Yugo Florida 1.3